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Latest Hi-Tech Development in Russia provides Western Chip Equipment Makers with New Market to Tap
  • "Nanotechnologies are becoming a key direction for the development of modern industry and science."  Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
  • "Russia'a total spending on existing nanotechnology programs exceeds $8.93 billion. An additional $5.28 billion was invested in the Russian State Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RCNT), a recently established state-owned company for promotion of nanotechnology in the country."  President Dmitry Medvedev
  • ""As 2008 begin, Russia plans for strong investments in nanotechnologies - all in pursuit of hitting a target of $36 billion in nanotech-related sales by 2015."  First Vice Prime Minister Viktor Zubov
  • Highly increased Russian Government support and investments into growing internal High-tech, IC industry leads to sufficient private investments to renovate 15-20 years old park of semiconductor equipment in FABs and research centers. /li>
  • While many integrated device manufacturers are adopting a fab-lite business model and are selling or closing manufacturing facilities in Europe, Russia and its chipmakers are on the look-out for access to 130-nm, 90-nm and eventually 65-nm and more advanced semiconductor process technologies.
  • At least four FAB’s require modernization of existing semiconductor equipment to accommodate 0.18-micron process technology in order to meet demand generated by electronic passports, telecommunications and consumer electronics.
  • Three billions will be invested in electronics from 2007 to 2011 including $700 million in support of a proposed 300-mm wafer fab in Nizhny Novgorod and $500 million to help move JSC Mikron (Zelenograd) down to 90-nm manufacturing over the next three years.
  • JSC Sitronics, a Russian provider of telecommunications and consumer equipment, has started a project to develop chip manufacturing in 2008 at the 65-nm to 45-nm nodes on 300-mm diameter wafers with spending over 2.3 billion.
  • Chip maker JSC Mikron with cooperation with STMicroelectronics NV is in the process of qualifying a 180-nm CMOS process. The mass production will begin ni 2008.
  • "Kedah Group" is to construct a 300-mm wafer fab at Nizhny Novgorod with $700 million as a grant to support
  • National centers for photomask manufacturing
  • Expansion of design centers network all over Russia with total investments of $1B.
  • The State Nanotechnologies Program aimed at equipment & technologies for nano devices manufacturing with government investments level from $2,5B to $4B, is currently at the final stage of development and precise definition.
  • Global public investment in nanotechnology development is expected to reach $5 billion in 2006. Corporate investment is expected to exceed government funding this year, reaching nearly $6 billion.
  • The Pilot Scientific and Technical Center of Excellence for Nanotechnology Development opened in June 3, 2007
“...The Russian government's long term plan to promote the status of the domestic high-tech sector is expected to increase investment opportunities for semiconductor industry participants. This coupled with steady economic growth, inherent excellence in science and engineering, and expanding end user industries, presents Russia in a positive light.”
Frost & Sullivan
“…By investing the proceeds of its oil and natural resources boom in its electronics industry, Russia is creating an electronics bonanza and an unprecedented mood of optimism.”
Peter Clark, EE Times Europe
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