We are member of SEMI
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Utilizing many years of industry experience TechSem offers the following services:
  • New, used, and refurbished semiconductors tools sale and support
    • Customer's facility and equipment status evaluation
    • Technology and tools identification tailored to customer’s objectives
    • Customer – OEM relationship management
    • Equipment maintenance, spare parts and consumables
  • Tools/Facilities for Analytical and Nano-Characterization centers
    • General model development (equipment definition, personal skills etc.)
    • Financial model
    • “Turn key” LAB set
    • Cleanroom layout
    • Equipment shipment, installation and acceptance
    • Personal hiring and training
    • Technical support
  • Custom equipment design and manufacturing
  • Business consulting
  • Special training courses:
    • 7 step Problem Solving Methodology
    • Microcontamination Control
Our field of expertiese is
Hi-Tech market
specializing in the semiconductor equipment sector.
Our main business priority is to support Russian IC manufacturers as well as Nanotechnology companies and research institutes in their effort to modernize existing and establish
new Hi-Tech production,
research facilities, and associated services.
|Home| |О нас| |Services| |Semi Russia Today| |News| |Contact|